Washing and 'milling' the apples

Washing and Milling the Apples IMG 0487

A glorious September day brings another hard graft shift at Four Acres Estate, getting ready to transform our apple harvest from the orchard into fabulous cider. A special thank you to Fred, Tracy and Judith and my little sister Mina (pictured above in a milling frenzy), whose help in washing and milling the apples was absolutely superb.

The pomace (used apple pulp) was later taken down to the vegetable patch; the courgettes are going to be fabulous this summer!

The apple harvest

John Markham, an old friend of over 30 years, volunteered to help me with the apple harvest. After picking over 700kg of apples and bringing them up to the winery, he tells me he had slight walking difficulties the next day!

Platon ventures a long way north in search of oaky undertones

With the orchard in blossom we needed to find the best possible wooden barrels in which to mature the forthcoming cider, so it was off to Scotland for Platon with a visit to the Speyside Cooperage in Craigellachie.

Perhaps a hard hat might have helped him fend off the single malt hangover which is making him frown!