Brilliant Bob Bayford

We planted the vineyard in May 2012, and unfortunately ran out of time to put the chestnut poles in at the same time as the vines. Big mistake. The lines were planted at 1.4m apart as per Gillian Pearkes minimum spacing observation. The option was to hammer the poles with a 14lb hammer. We managed to get 47 poles done in the lower clay part of the vineyard. Trying to put poles in the shingle and flint part by hand was a tad challenging and the blisters insisted we give up.

Brilliant Bob Bayford (the local builder) volunteered to come along with his Heath Robinson contraption and the job was done in a day. No matter what the challenge or indeed the weather, Bob and his team were there with good advice and skills to get the vineyard off the ground. There really is nothing better than local artisans who know the land

Pruning time at Four Acres

It’s January and it’s pruning time. So far, 340 vines have been pruned and there are 1,900 vines to go. After every vine has been pruned we have to tie the two canes to the fruiting wires. This little job will take at least two months which will keep us busy through the winter. The pruning contraption was inspired by the Flintstones and is named 'Jennifer'. A special thank you to Sue Watkens mum for knitting the woolly hats!

Riddling the wine

The riddling process at Four Acres Esate requires each bottle to be turned by hand twice each day. We riddle away for at least two weeks before disgorging and corking, and this is after the bottles have been on lees for at least 18 months.

Platon's son Alex and granddaughter Sophia are pictured here helping out; our family motto is “You can never start them too young!”