Rob Gabriel's bees

I went down to the local Little Hadham farmers' market which takes place once a month in the village hall and I met the local beekeeper Rob Gabriel. His honey is very popular in the village and that gave me the idea of putting a couple of beehives in to help pollinate the 200 plus apple trees in the Four Acres Estate orchard.

I spoke to Bob Bayford, my friend and builder, and I said "Bob, I met Rob the beekeeper and I want to ask him to put a couple of hives in my apple orchard. Do you know him?“ "Yes" he said, in a dry, quiet voice. “He did me a favour once...” I looked at him and asked, "What was that Bob?" He replied, “He married my sister.” I was in stitches for weeks!

Very happy to report that the bee hives have now arrived and the honey is superb. For the best honey in Little Hadham, see