Samos, Greece

In early July I visited Samos with a Turkish group.  We visited the village of Vourlaki.  In the 1920's when the Greeks were thrown out of Turkey, a group stayed together and came to Samos and built Vourlaki.  The village is beautiful.  We stopped to look at the vineyards.  The vines are low Goblet style because of the wind.  An old Greek lady I met told me that her grandfather told her that the French came and took cuttings from their vines because they had a problem in France.  Working it back this could have happened in the 1850's.  Lovely thing about vineyards... everybody has a story.

The Launch of 2016

The 2016 harvest was launched in May of 2018.  Our first customer was Edwina Lonsdale who runs a luxury cruising agency- she's the best in the industry! 

May Frost

On Monday the 30 of April we had a ground frost at Little Hadham. There was no prediction that jack Frost was on his way until the Sunday night and to be honest there there was not a great deal to be done. Well, I did not get any sleep that night.

Thankfully it was just a small ground frost and it did not affect the vines or the apples trees which are now flowering beautifully. These are the challenges of farming.