After the May frost the vines are now growing beautifully.  We are still doing the same amount of work, bud rubbing, tucking in, topping and spraying as well as cutting the grass in between the rows.  Despite all this hard work, we will not get a harvest because we were hit so badly with the frost. There are lots of small bunches but the season is not long enough to mature these second growths. Well.......this is viticulture in the UK .


The frost on 15 May was an absolute disaster!  The vines are showing a little growth but by this time of year the shoots should be at least two feet high.  There will definitely be no harvest this year. 

Wildlife in the Apple Orchard!

The Oxeye Daisies in the apple orchard are looking amazing this time of year!  It's really nice to see the bees buzzing around.  We don’t use any type of weed killer and you can see the benefit... isn't it beautiful?!