We had two nights of frost and it effected approximately 20% of our vineyard. It’s always the same, we get frost at the bottom of the hill in a small bowl. I really do need to find a solution going forward! 

Pruning the Apple Orchard

In 2012 we planted 200 tress, all cider varieties which were sourced from John Worle of Hereford.  The trees were given a mild pruning but this season it was decided that we need to give them a good pruning to try and encourage wind flow through the apple orchard and the adjoining vineyard.  We managed to prune 150 trees, the balance will be done next season... we simply ran out of time.

Visit to South Africa

The vineyards in South Africa were amazing.  What surprised me was the level of sophistication to drive tourists to the vineyards, very polished!  The restaurants in the vineyards really were of a very good standard, a very polished operation. Glen Carlou vineyard near Stellenbosch was our favourite, the views were amazing!