More Frost!

DISASTER!!  Last Thursday's air frost was an absolute disaster, it has completely decimated the vineyard.  The vines will grow but it’s unlikely that we will get any grapes.  This year is turning out to be a challenging year for humanity as a whole for so many reasons!!  What to do, onwards and upwards... 

Launch of 2017

We are launching our Blanc de Blancs on 16 May.  This will give us three products to go to market for 2020.  We have the Blanc de Blancs, the Rose and the Dry Sparkling Cider which is champnoise style and 8% proof.  The three products are hand made from our apples and grapes in our winery with the help of the family and volunteers. The wine is made and blended by a master wine maker.  This is an artisans approach to wine and cider making - it's fantastic! You will be amazed!