Sheep in the vineyard!

At the beginning of December we came up with the idea of having sheep in the apple orchard and vineyard. Well how do you cut the grass in the apple orchard and vineyard in the winter? That was the winter problem here at Four Acres, especially when you have a spring in the middle of the apple orchard and you simply get bogged down. The answer was simple, 20 sheep enclosed with Goan fishing nets which I brought to the UK five years ago. It was sustainable, free from chemicals in the apple orchard and self manuring. Unfortunately we were only able to keep the sheep for three weeks. My Goan fishing nets could not hold them in the vineyard, so they had to go back to the farm. 

We are ready to press the cider!

The mill and press have been dusted down and ready to press the 2020 Cider. Let’s hope the weather is kind to us... It will probably rain!!!

Visiting Manakis Vineyard In Sikinos!

We flew into Santorini, and then took the 7am ferry the next morning from Thira.  The first stop was the island of Ios . The next stop 45 minutes later was the island of Sikinos, then we disembarked at Arpronia (the only harbour) on Sikinos. The island has just two shops, two tavernas and a petrol station.  We then drove up to the mountains settlement of Kastro and Horion, an ancient settlement of tiny white washed houses. The views were amazing, you could see the Cyclades for miles around!  You can see Ios, Santorini, Anafi, Feolegandros, Serifos, Sifnos, Despitiki, Paros and Naxos. As we continued to climb up the mountain road, we didn't think the views could get any better!  We then arrived at Manakis Winery and Vineyard. The vineyard is planted in the ancient terraces that have been there for thousands of years. The views really are spectacular. We helped George Manalia the ex Mayor of Sikinos finish the harvest and the pressing.  I'm not too sure of the varieties - the red had been done but we were in time to help the final harvesting and pressing of the white.  Such amazing views, this tiny and uncommercial island is how Greece was in the 1970's, well worth an island hopping visit!