Our sparkling cider which was aged in whiskey barrels has created a following.  We are now in the process of producing a dry sparkling cider which is currently on "lees".  This is champenoise style with two fermentations.  We managed to bottle 2000 bottles which are currently maturing and we are hoping to launch this in early 2020.

February 2019

We visited Barossa Valley in Western Australia.  This really is a very dry part of the world.  What really impressed me was how the Australians have turned their vineyards into places to visit.  The restaurants are not cheap but the food is excellent, and every restaurant we visited in the vineyards was full.  

Planning permission will always be an issue on our small island but this is how he industry will go in the U.K.

The cycle continues: November 2018 to March 2019

We started pruning the Vineyard early in November.  Many people leave it a late as possible, but it's not always an option.  We try and tie down in March to avoid frost.  In May of 2019 we had a small frost which slightly burned the Chardonnay.