Southerly Winds

We had several days of southerly winds and we managed to loose quite a few of our apples as a result.  We are totally in the hands of the weather! 

The Morgan Sweet apple variety

Our Morgan Sweet are suffering from the Westerly Winds.  I really should have pruned the orchard during the winter of 2019 but just ran out of time.  It's a priority for Winter 2020.  The Morgan Sweet are a little inconsistent, half a dozen trees have nothing, but the rest are laden.   

June/July/August 2019

We are now bud rubbing, tucking the vines into the wires and cutting the grass under the vines.  We are using a lawnmower to cut the grass between the rows.  We have to push the lawnmower 8,000 metres to get the job done, a labour of love.  The result of this process is to see the bees on the buttercups along the rows.  Is it worth it........?  Absolutely!