2018 Sparkling Cider

We are currently in the process of tasting the 2018 Sparkling Cider which is now on 'lees'.  It's dry and absolutely delicious!!  It's going to need a little dosage.  We will start riddling shortly.  We are setting up the riddling racks ready for the processs! 

Southerly Winds

We had several days of southerly winds and we managed to loose quite a few of our apples as a result.  We are totally in the hands of the weather! 

The Morgan Sweet apple variety

Our Morgan Sweet are suffering from the Westerly Winds.  I really should have pruned the orchard during the winter of 2019 but just ran out of time.  It's a priority for Winter 2020.  The Morgan Sweet are a little inconsistent, half a dozen trees have nothing, but the rest are laden.