Visit to South Africa

The vineyards in South Africa were amazing.  What surprised me was the level of sophistication to drive tourists to the vineyards, very polished!  The restaurants in the vineyards really were of a very good standard, a very polished operation. Glen Carlou vineyard near Stellenbosch was our favourite, the views were amazing!

Launch of Sparkling Cider!

(Non-whisky ferment)
We launched our latest product which is the champanoise dry sparkling cider at 8% proof, which is very dry.  The juice was in the barrels for six months, and another nine months on ‘Lees’.  When fully in stock it gives us a portfolio of four products. With our space limitations and infrastructure it’s the maximum we can handle here at Four Acres.


It was a record!  Thanks to Tracy & Gilly who brought a group of friends for a pressing day, we managed to press 440 litres which was a record! The juice is currently in barrels fermenting.