An Update from The Vineyard

This really has been a very interesting year. We had lots of frost in April, in fact 22 days of consecutive frost. We thought the vines had been burn but they were just dormant. They came through the frost not burn at all which was great. At the beginning of May the vines were about five week behind but they soon caught up. Lots of grapes and now we are waiting for sunshine to mature the grapes and for the sugars to reach the right levels for harvest. An Indian summer would be wonderful, let’s see… 

-10 in the Vineyard!

I have never known it to be so cold here at Four Acres, it’s reached -10!!  Those vines are not going to prune themselves. Four hours pruning is about the limit. 

Pruning the vineyard

We’ve finally started pruning the vineyard. 1 done 2299 to go. I don’t know why I am looking so happy! Now I have made a start it will take a month unless I can get some help. Not easy during this Covid situation.