The Morgan Sweet apple variety

Our Morgan Sweet are suffering from the Westerly Winds.  I really should have pruned the orchard during the winter of 2019 but just ran out of time.  ...

June/July/August 2019

We are now bud rubbing, tucking the vines into the wires and cutting the grass under the vines.  We are using a lawnmower to cut the grass between ...
Our first vintage started to be released in batches through 2018 and 2019. We are now also working on the next vintage.
  • There will be just 2,000 bottles of English Sparkling Wine in our first vintage release, with a mix of Blanc des Blancs and Rosé, both at £30 per bottle.
  • Both our Blanc des Blancs and Rosé are being sold by the six bottle case costing £180 with local delivery by the vineyard and in well-packed boxes for those further afield.
  • The English Sparkling Wine is now being released for sale in batches.
  • Our classic English Country Cider has been gently matured, ageing in whisky barrels and bottled in late 2018 for release in 2019.
  • Our intention is for both the wine and cider to be available later in 2019 for online purchase through this website, but until then you can register your interest by completing a simple form. We will then keep you up to date with progress and let you know when we are ready to take your order. There is no commitment to buy at this stage, but by completing the form you do get to the front of the queue.